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Flowers in the blue world

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Certificate Number : 20211016044313
Registered on : 16/10/2021

Flowers in the blue world
Painting in acrylic. A beautifull contrast of the orange flowers in the blue world.

Artist's name : Andreia Guimarães
Year : 2020
Dimensions : 30x30
Support : Paper
Medium : Acrylic

Andreia Guimaraes

I have always been fascined about art, but it was 12 years ago that I painted my first painting in oil during some evening lessons in Taubate, Sao Paulo Brazil. When I moved to Sweden, I participated in an acrylic painting course at the Adult School (Vuxenskolan) in Nässjö (where I live), partly to learn a new painting technique, but also to practice the Swedish language and socialize. Then I took a 5 years break from painting, but last year when Covid-19 became a reality, I returned painting again. I am current studing by distance in a diferent courses in Sweden and in Brazil to improve the techniques in acrylic, oil and drawing. Painting for me is like dancing in harmony with colors. Through my art, I want to convey everything beautifull that exists in the world and I hope that my art works make you happy!

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