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Certificate Number : 20211021101334
Registered on : 21/10/2021

This artwork is made by ink on A3 sheet. Essentially this is his self-portrait. This technique called by the author "crystallization" features concise and dense patterns [that can be considered tribal but also resemble printed circuit board gone wild] their specifics essentially depending on the author's emotional condition influenced by music or audiobooks and current state of his body and mind after years of fighting post-traumatic syndrome.

Artist's name : Sergii Markhotskyi
Year : 2021
Dimensions : 29.7cmx42cm
Support : Paper
Medium : Ink



The purpose of this verification is to check the validity of the seals attached to the artwork and the Certificate of Authenticityin order to be absolutely confident that you are the owner of the artwork. Once the owner has been identified, he or she will be able to access all the information recorded during the creation of the certificate and download it as a PDF file which can be archived in both paper and digital format.

How can I do this?
1) Be sure to have your Certificate of Authenticity and the artwork so you can clearly see the polygons on it.
2) Click on the polygons correctly, referring to those on the certificate and the artwork. This blind verification process avoids revealing the original ARTcertificate polygons.
Be careful, you will not find any valid polygons during a step of the verification, so you will have to press the 'Absent Polygon' button.

If you have the artwork and the Certificate of Authenticity, but you are unable to go through the verification process, please contact Artcertificate. We will do a manual verification to give you access to the complete file in PDF format.



Sergii Markhotskyi

Artcertificate | Edit your own certificates of authenticity

An illustrator and designer Sergii Markhotskyi [the name may vary as a result of different transliterations] was born in Ukraine in 1964 and lives now in Oviedo, Spain. Already as a child Sergi used to invent graphic novels unaware that this genre existed in a wider world beyond the soviet reality. However, his natural tendencies, talents and drawing techniques were belittled and ridiculed both at the art school and in his family. He therefore chose to leave the art school because being an artist, in his opinion, means serving as a tool for the powerful force called ‘inspiration’, learning through real experience and eventually creating one’s own, singular artistic mindset and style. In different periods, his style and technique underwent different influences and the artworks of certain periods have therefore distinctive features intrinsic to such periods. Most powerful influences include music [classic and jazz], literature, creative photography, conditions induced by post-traumatic syndrome, lucid dreams, movies, apocalyptic environments of a dying socialist state, meditation etc. He has not been specifically influenced by the artistic works of others probably because he has never had an authority figure and furthermore has used to consider himself an outcast from the artistic community since his early years. Different periods of his life involved different methods and techniques and his artworks are generally black and white, made by felt pen, ink, pencil, ballpoint pen on paper or cardboard. The artist is ambidextrous.

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