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A quotation from an artist, who can trust?

  • A quotation from an artist, who can trust?

A quotation from an artist, who can trust?

To search for an artist's rating is to inquire about the value of a painting, a sculpture or any work of an artist for the purpose of selling it.

Indeed, before selling your work of art, it is necessary to know the quotation of the artist. This rating determines the price to be set at the time of sale.

But there are many sources of information, and it is not always easy for a neophyte to find his way.

An average rating of an artist will unfortunately not inform you about the value of your painting or sculpture.

The quotation is the value of a work obtained by auction. Of course, the rating of an artist can be fluctuating depending on the economy, the artist's journey. To be credible, the rating must be sustainable over several years.

Every painting or statue is different. Numerous criteria have to be taken into account: the period, the scarcity of works on the market, the quality of cast iron for bronze, subjects treated in paint to match what is most sought after in the art market For the artist concerned.

Some artists, although quoted in a framework of international fairs, are not yet on the secondary market. It is therefore necessary to differentiate the official rating of an artist in auction, such as a justice of the peace and the rating of an artist in a very confidential setting of galleries or fairs. Certain works can be sold at exorbitant prices in the framework of international fairs and do not convince any amateur in auction.

Determining the value of a painting or sculpture means communicating a range of estimates between a low estimate and a high estimate. Often, the low estimate is auctioned at the reserve price, below which the work will not be sold. This allows you to determine an average value of your property. The artist's prices are based on the hammer price, not including the selling price in addition to the auction which is between 20 and 25%.