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Non-fungible Tokens

BLOCKCHAIN CERTIFICATES<br />Non-fungible Tokens

Artcertificate allows all artists and professionals to create easily and quickly certificates of authenticity on the blockchain in the form of non-fungible tokens NFT integrating all information related to the artwork:
- Title, depositor, artist, year, technique, legal mentions etc.
- The tamper-proof digital signatures of the photo of the work and the certificate in pdf.
The registered token is recognised by the courts as a digital document that unambiguously identifies the certificate of authenticity and its mentions, as well as the work concerned. Unique files are provided to the artist allowing him a total independence of proof with respect to his buyer and before the law.


1) Register on Artcertificate (it's free with 1 certificate offered).

2) Create a certificate of authenticity by filling in a form (description of the work + uploading the photo). This certificate complies with the 1981 Marcus Decree and is registered on the Artcertificate database with access via qrcode.

3) Press the 'Generate Certificate' button, you can then choose your presentation, as well as a personalisation, in the end, you get a printable pdf that you can give to your buyer.

The registration of the certificate of authenticity on the blockchain is done in 1 click!

4) Go to the 'Blockchain' tab and select 'registration on the blockchain', then validate. An express request is sent to Artcertificate to proceed with the operation. An option allows you to indicate the address of your (or your buyer's) cryptocurrency wallet in order to define the ownership of the token, otherwise, the tokens are registered with Artcertificate as the owner, but can be transferred later to another owner.

5) Artcertificate manually checks that all elements are correct and proceeds with the registration on the blockchain as soon as possible depending on the cryptocurrency price and the availability of the Blockchain network.

6) You receive a confirmation email with a link to your token (which also appears on your pdf certificate), as well as links to the original files of your artwork and certificate. These files are kept on the Artcertificate server, but the artist must also keep them on a disk or a cloud in order to be completely autonomous from Artcertificate.


In the case of digital art or the work is dematerialised in the form of a computer file such as an image or video, the ownership of the token determines the ownership of the work, which may be accompanied by a licence agreement determining the rights applicable to its use (see blockchain footprints).

Artcertificate is the only organisation that integrates all the above-mentioned information into these tokens, thus guaranteeing the legal value of each registration on the blockchain.

We draw the attention of artists to the free or low-cost solutions currently available on the market which do not offer any legal guarantee as to the inviolability, readability and perreintity of their records. These tokens only contain a reference pointing to an external url that in no way guarantees the risks of alteration and loss of the recorded data; they are still used by some sellers, but they only rely on the mutual trust of the contracting parties and in no way on a legal reality when it comes to its relationship with the original work and the certification of authenticity.

Artcertificate brings with the blockchain an easily accessible technological innovation by combining the functions of the artist's signature, the traditional certificate of authenticity, the secure digital identity and the blockchain. Art market professionals, galleries, auction houses, museums and experts can now easily register on the Blockchain the artworks they sell, exhibit or appraise on behalf of their clients.


A non-fungible token (NFT) is a special type of cryptographic token that represents something unique; non-fungible tokens are therefore not interchangeable.

Non-fungible tokens are used to enable verification of verifiable digital rarity, as well as digital ownership and interoperability of assets across multiple platforms. NFTs are used in several specific applications that require unique digital items such as crypto art (rare art), crypto collectibles and crypto games.

Crypto-wallet - A crypto-wallet is an application or hardware device that allows individuals to store and retrieve digital assets. Example: Metamask.

Wallet address - Your wallet address is unique. It is the address that people will use when sending cryptocurrencies or NFTs to your crypto wallet.

For more information, contact Artcertificate.

The certificate of authenticity

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When artists sell their work, they must provide a Certificate of Authenticityin order to be more professional and give all the guarantees to the buyer. A Certificate of Authenticity is essential for the attribution of a work.

Without a Certificate of Authenticity, it's impossible to determine the artwork's origin or to attribute it to an artist. The only value it has will depend on its size, the technique, the materials, and the subject represented.

A Certificate of Authenticity is the key to the successful sale of your works. You must provide a Certificate of Authenticity to the buyer (even if he or she does not ask for one) along with the invoice.

Without a Certificate of Authenticity, most doors will remain closed; no estimate, no transaction. A Certificate of Authenticity is mandatory to establish that a work of art is authentic and has been created by the Artist.

No mention in a raisonné catalog about the financial value of the artwork. Without a Certificate of Authenticity, it's impossible to evaluate the artwork, its only value depends on its size, its technique, the materials used and the subject represented.

What is a Certificate of Authenticity?

A Certificate of Authenticity is a document that is used to attribute a painting, sculpture or photograph to an artist. Important: an invoice cannot serve as a Certificate of Authenticity.

What is the value of a Certificate of Authenticity?

The value of a Certificate of Authenticity depends on the authority of the person writing it, if he or she is recognized by all professionals as the most competent for this subject or artist at the time the certificate is written.

What is the purpose of a Certificate of Authenticity?

Requesting and getting a Certificate of Authenticity allows collectors to:

1. Establish the identity and authenticity of the artwork of art
2. Keep a record of the origin of the acquired artwork
3. Quickly assess its value over time, especially if the artist is or becomes popular
4. To guarantee the authenticity and value of the artwork when it is resold

Providing a Certificate of Authenticity allows artists to:

5. Ensure the authenticity of their creation
6. Facilitate the future of the artwork and its identification
7. Offer a valuable service to your buyers
8. Build credibility within your community

Artcertificate's Blockchain

Certificat Blockchain

Artcertificate allows artists and professionals to create and register certificates of authenticity which will then be included in the Blockchain on the Ethereum network. A specific option allows the transfer of any certificate to the Blockchain with one click.

What is: Artcertificate Blockchain?

It's a fully managed Blockchain registration service that facilitates the creation and management of a scalable network of blockchain and distributed registry technologies used for COA Certificates of Authenticity. All COA's can be registered on the blockchain with one click and get a certificate of authenticity on Artcertificate's Blockchain (COABC).

Decentralized management:
A blockchain allows Artcertificate to create COA certificate of authenticity records where different members of the network can check the authenticity of the records without the need for a reliable central authority (Control is done outside of Artcertificate). Each party, known as a member, has a peer node in the network.

Artcertificate Blockchain uses a reputable block chain framework.

Ethereum is perfect for highly distributed block chain networks, where the transparency of data from all members is important and allows all participants in the network to independently verify the activity of every member. Ethereum also allows us to join a public Ethereum block chain network.

The register is decentralized and managed by an Ethereum blockchain that is shared among the members. The control of the registrations is independent from Artcertificate. The registration of the COA is made following the specific request of the applicant.

Certificat Blockchain



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