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Certificate of authenticity to print

Certificate of authenticity to print

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Certified work, certificate of authenticity!
Make sure that the work you have just acquired is certified authentic. Any work certified without exception is sold with a certificate of authenticity. This certificate makes it possible to declare, identify and authenticate a work and will have to follow it all its life. It allows an additional identification and plays an important role in the appreciation of the work.

An ancient concern

If the notion of forgery goes back to antiquity, it is interesting to see that the notion of authenticity only begins to have its importance from the Renaissance. Indeed, under antiquity, the Romans had already realized that by making copies of Greek statues they could benefit. Profit that always guides today this will to copy identically, to create 'false' and thus to deceive the buyer. The difference is that at the time the evil seemed to be less, for the work itself was attached more to the work than to the artist.

This notion of authenticity, if it immediately evokes in us the idea of ​​a certificate of authenticity, knows no general and precise definition on the art authenticity'>market. It is based on very laxity of regulatory texts, on jurisprudence and on professional practices. In this respect, the Marcus Decree of 3 March 1981 gives us some succinct rules on the particulars which must be found in a certificate of authenticity, or at least in the document accompanying the authenticity'>sale of the work: 'nature, Composition, origin and seniority of the thing sold '.

Work certified in a few points

In practice, here are the main notions that must be found in a certificate of authenticity, a kind of 'identity card of the work':

The name of the artist
The professional numbers (Maison des Artistes, SIRET, SIREN, ...)
A photo of the work
The title
The dimensions
The technique and materials used
The support
The date of creation
The location of the signature
The identification number for a work from a series (for photos, for example)
The number of copies made if it comes from a limited edition
The artist's signature (official stamp, digital print)
The date of issue of the certificate
MyArtMakers - certified work - Examples
MyArtMakers - certified work - Examples
A prime authenticity'>value

Attention, the authenticity'>price of the work must not be indicated on the certificate of authenticity! Also, it is not useful to mention the name of the buyer on a certificate because if the latter decides one day to sell the work, he will be able to provide the accompanying certificate of authenticity.

The artist remains the most competent person to establish a certificate of authenticity, although all professionals in the art sector (gallery owner, authenticity'>auctioneer or expert) can write certificates.

This certificate of authenticity is to be kept as no duplicates can be issued. In case of loss of the buyer, the author of the certificate will be able to provide a certificate specifying who is the original purchaser of the work and that there is no other one of the same reference.

Authenticity has today acquired a primordial authenticity'>value, giving pride of place to the certificate of authenticity and the reasoned catalogs which continue to multiply. The art authenticity'>market has thus become aware that a work is also and above all a name, that of the artist that is affixed to it. The work now exists only through the prism of its author, who according to his renown or his mediatization determines the authenticity'>price of the work.

Are you an artist and are looking for a certificate template?

ART certificate FREE! *

Print your certificate of authenticity yourself!

ARTcertificate allows artists to create themselves the certificate of authenticity that will accompany their work with a BONUS traceability service by QR code accessible by mobile phone or tablet.

- Certificate of authenticity in PDF version in 21x29.7 cm format
* Dimension adjustable for printing
* Different standard models
* Different borders
* QR Code, international standard
* Font configuration
* Customization of the legal notice
* Trilingual: French, English, Spanish
* Saving the layout
The signature of the depositor is compulsory.



ART certificate has developed a layout system allowing any non-IT person to quickly and easily compose their certificate of authenticity.

NEW! QR code for the traceability of works

- All certificates of authenticity have a QR code in order to easily find the work on ART certificate.
The QR Code is an international standard that helps smartphone users to access information more easily. Free reading applications such as I-nigma or NeoReader, allow these users to flash a QR code in order to instantly access a web page dedicated to the work.

FREE! The SECURE to stick on the work and the certificate of authenticity

- The SECURE QR code is to stick on the work and the certificate of authenticity.
- This SECURE identifies and creates the link between the certificate of authenticity and its work.
- This service is provided FREE of charge for any purchase of a certificate of authenticity.

FREE! Art certificate COTATION

Art certificate offers online analytical software which, thanks to a precise questionnaire, allows an artist to be objectively situated on the art authenticity'>market. The authenticity'>quotation provides an index per linear centimeter and an average authenticity'>price making it possible to assess the selling authenticity'>price of the artist's works. A authenticity'>quotation certificate is issued to provide information on the artist's reputation.

The ADVANTAGES of the Art certificate rating.
- Each artist has the right to have a QUOTATION on the financial authenticity'>value of his works.
- This authenticity'>quotation makes it possible to establish CONSISTENT SALES PRICES with respect to the authenticity'>market.
- It is a GUARANTEE for the buyer with a view to the development of the artist.

The certificate of authenticity

When selling one of your works, in order to be more professional and offer all the guarantees to your buyer, the artist must provide a certificate of authenticity.

A certificate of authenticity is a document necessary for the attribution of a work. Your customers will be very sensitive to this particular attention that values you as an artist and guarantees the authenticity of your works. Without a certificate of authenticity, it is impossible to evaluate the work according to its provenance or to relate it to an artist. Its only value depends on its size, technique, materials used and the subject represented.

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The certificate of authenticity is the essential key to the good sale of your works. You must provide a certificate of authenticity to the buyer (even if he does not claim it) accompanied by the invoice of sale of your work.

Without certificate of authenticity no door can work; no estimate, no transaction. The certificate of authenticity is mandatory to establish that a work is authentic and has been done by the Artist

No recognition in a catalog raisonné of the financial value of the work. Without a certificate of authenticity, it is impossible to evaluate the work, its only value depends on its size, technique, materials used and the subject represented.

What is a certificate of authenticity?

A certificate of authenticity is a document necessary for the attribution of a work of painting, sculpture, photography to an artist. Important information: an invoice can not stand as a certificate of authenticity.

The value of a certificate of authenticity?

The value of a certificate of authenticity comes from the notoriety of the person who writes it, when the latter is recognized at the time of writing the certificate by all professionals, as the most competent for this subject or for this artist.

What is a certificate of authenticity for?

For collectors, asking for and obtaining a certificate of authenticity allows you to:

1. Establish the identity and authenticity of the artwork
2. Keep track of the origin of the coin acquired
3. Quickly evaluate its value over time, especially if the artist is or becomes sideways
4. To guarantee its authenticity and value when reselling

For artists, providing a certificate of authenticity allows you to:

5. Ensure the authenticity of your creation
6. Facilitate the future of the work and its identification
7. Offer a valuable service to your buyers
8. Gain credibility with your community

The Artcertificate Blockchain

Certificat Blockchain

Artcertificate offers artists and professionals to create and register certificates of authenticity which will then be integrated into the Blockchain on the Ethereum network. A specific option allows you to transfer any certificate on the Blockchain with a simple 'click'.

What is: Artcertificate Blockchain?

It is a fully managed blockchain registration service that facilitates the creation and management of a scalable blockchain network and distributed ledger technologies applied to COA Certificates of Authenticity. All COAs can be registered on the blockchain with a single click and obtain a certificate of authenticity on the Artcertificate Blockchain (COABC).

Decentralized management:
A blockchain allows Artcertificate to perform COA Certificate of Authenticity registrations where different members of the network can perform register authenticity checks without having to resort to a reliable central authority (Control outside Artcertificate). Each party, known as a member, has a peer node in the network.

Artcertificate Blockchain supports a reputable blockchain framework.

Ethereum is ideally suited for highly distributed blockchain networks, where data transparency of all members is an important factor and allows all network participants to independently verify a user's activity among all members. Ethereum also makes it possible to join a public Ethereum blockchain network.

The ledger is decentralized and is managed by an Ethereum blockchain distributed among members. The control of registrations is independent of Artcertificate. The registration of COAs is carried out at the specific request of the applicant.

Certificat Blockchain



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Artcertificate issues you a quotation certificate for only € 14.50