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Thanks to my videos, I try to share with you my vision of photography, to give you the little tips that I found here and there. I also want to learn from you, from what you have discovered on your side, from your experiences. Because it's a fact, we're stronger together. So let's leave our ego behind and share our experiences.

F/1.4 is the program that aims to kick our ass forward, which shows us that even those who are more advanced than us have gone through the same phases that we live.

Hello, I am Sbastien Roignant and you have entered my world.

I am a Breton expatriate in Lyon for a few years. I am a thirty in my body but I am still 12 years old in my head. I do not really understand how I can have a beard as provided and more and more white hairs that populate it ...

The photo takes a prominent place in my life. I tasted at my 22 years never to let go. 3D graphic designer by my studies (Child, I dreamed of realizing the special effects of Jurassic Park 6), I let go to live my passion. The photo makes me live both financially and mentally. It's a way for me to express myself, to have fun, to socialize myself.

Unfortunately, I will not be in the credits of Jurassic Park 6 in 2020 but I found here what makes me vibrate, to be happy to live and what allows me to share happiness around me.

Over the past 10 years, I have covered over 150 weddings. I was able to witness a lot of moving, poignant, loud or funny scenes. I was able to immortalize them so that my newlyweds relive them otherwise than in their memories. I saw their smiles, their bursts of laughter, their tears as I discovered my photos. That's why I like this job.

A few years ago, I also became a trainer in photography. I did not think I would like it so much. It has become something essential for me. I have trained thousands of photographers and I am happy to see many transform their lives and live their art.

On this site, you will find a big part of my universe: that it is my services of wedding photo that I propose, my photographs of Author which are the fruit of which I have inside or still my formations.

I wish you a warm welcome here and I hope you enjoy the trip.

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At Every Artwork
A Certificate Of Authenticity

The certificate of authenticity

is the essential key to the good sale of your works. You must provide a certificate of authenticity to the buyer (even if he does not claim it) accompanied by the invoice of sale of your work.

Without certificate of authenticity

no door can work; no estimate, no transaction. The certificate of authenticity is mandatory to establish that a work is authentic and has been done by the Artist

No recognition

in a catalog raisonn of the financial value of the work. Without a certificate of authenticity, it is impossible to evaluate the work, its only value depends on its size, technique, materials used and the subject represented.

What is a certificate of authenticity?

A certificate of authenticity is a document necessary for the attribution of a work of painting, sculpture, photography to an artist. Important information: an invoice can not stand as a certificate of authenticity.

The value of a certificate of authenticity?

The value of a certificate of authenticity comes from the notoriety of the person who writes it, when the latter is recognized at the time of writing the certificate by all professionals, as the most competent for this subject or for this artist.

What is a certificate of authenticity for?

For collectors, asking for and obtaining a certificate of authenticity allows you to:

1. Establish the identity and authenticity of the artwork
2. Keep track of the origin of the coin acquired
3. Quickly evaluate its value over time, especially if the artist is or becomes sideways
4. To guarantee its authenticity and value when reselling

For artists, providing a certificate of authenticity allows you to:

5. Ensure the authenticity of your creation
6. Facilitate the future of the work and its identification
7. Offer a valuable service to your buyers
8. Gain credibility with your community
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