When creating a certificate of authenticity, Artcertificate provides the artist with a certificate of deposit free of charge, which allows the date of registration of the work in our databases.

This certificate provides a beginning of proof on the anteriority. To be legally accepted, this certificate must be sent by registered mail to the artist. The postmark dated must be in perfect condition and the envelope unopened (valid only in France). The artist can attach several certificates of deposit in the same envelope.

Example of proof of deposit of work

What is a protectable work?
Artistic creation is the result of an intellectual process starting from an idea and leading to its formalization. An idea is not protectable in itself and only a concrete realization can benefit from the protection of the law. Certain conditions must be met:

Be original
The originality of a work of the spirit is manifested by the mark of the personality of the author. It takes personal execution in terms of expression, choice, style and composition. One work must be sufficiently different from another, even if the theme, subject or model are identical, even if the inspiration is common.

Prove the creation date
The law requires no action, no formality, no mention, no deposit or registration of any kind to protect a work. but it is useful for a creator to take some precautions to assert his rights in the event of dispute, in particular to give a certain date to the creation and if necessary to prove the anteriority.

Publishing your work on the internet is not enough!
Publishing your work on their website, or a merchant site may seem like a good idea to establish proof of prior art. With the exception that the website will not be able to prove on its own the date of publication.

All copyright is codified in France in the Code of Intellectual Property (Legislative part: Law 92-597 of 1.7.92, Regulatory part: Decree 95-385 of 10.4.95) which repeals and replaces the laws of 11.3.57 and 3.7.85.

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Five ways to protect your works and validate the date of creation

Copyright is acquired without formalities, by the very fact of the creation of the work. Your creation is protected from the day you made it. However, in the event of a dispute, you must be able to provide proof of the date on which your work was created.

Whether you are an artist, painter, sculptor or photographer, you must be able to establish that you are the author of your art creation, the date you created it and its originality.
Send a registered mail
The least expensive solution is to send yourself a registered letter containing a copy of the work you have created. The sticker on the receipt must cover the flap of the envelope to eliminate any possibility of modification of its contents. It will then be essential not to open the envelope or to do it in front of a bailiff or a magistrate.

Drop a Soleau envelope
The envelope Soleau (name of its inventor) costs 15 euros and can be withdrawn from the INPI. This is a double envelope in which we insert, for each component, the document that we want to protect. The envelope can not however contain CDs or more than 7 pages.

A number is laser perforated on the envelope and one of the shutters is returned to you. The INPI keeps the other for a period of 5 years, renewable once upon payment of a new tax. Beyond this period, the second component is also returned to you; it nevertheless loses its probative force if it is kept intact.


Filing with an Authors Society
Most collecting societies allow their members, and some open this possibility to all, to deposit a work with them. The pricing conditions and the shelf life of the deposit vary from company to company.


Online Filing
There are different websites today (fidelity, eauteur ...) allowing to give a certain date to a work by an externalised timestamping system with electronic signature. Rates are variable.





Filing with a notary or bailiff
This is the most effective method of filing because it is done with a ministerial officer. The deposits will be indisputable until fake registration. If the deposit is kept unlimited, the process can however be relatively expensive, between 200 and 300 euros.
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