As an artist, we are entitled to wonder what is the financial value of our works, how much can we benefit from the art market.

In theory, the fixing of the official rating of an artist can be established only after several public sales in the second market, the sales prices are then the basis of the calculation of the rating. The art market is a place of sale, it is often more business than art, quotations are often manipulated to mount or artificially maintain the rating of an artist.

Faced with this panorama, the living artist is perplexed because he is non-existent for the vast majority of actors in the art world, he is at best considered as an artist and no value can be attributed to his work, unless that one day he will be transformed into a marketing artist whose market will be able to create and change the rating to generate good public sales.

There's another reality , because the art market is not just public, but largely private. The first sales of an artist are often made with relatives, then less close, unknown buyers, enthusiasts and collectors ... The artist sells near his home, then in the nearby city, then in a capital, then abroad ... At each of these stages, it makes real sales whose prices depend on many factors, as the artist gradually gets a clear idea of ​​the financial value of his works.

If the artist is not known, it will be the PRICE at which he sells his own paintings that will determine the rating, but only in front of his potential buyers. For others, its coast will mean nothing, because the COTE is not an exact science and much more than an estimate.

This rating is the fair value of the living artist.

In an art market that forgets more and more artists, the artist must take power over the valorization of his works, he does not need the subjective opinion of an art market, institution, specialists, and experts to define the real value of his works.

In the past, I have done different evaluations of my works, in the majority of cases, the people or companies interviewed were unable to give me an order of magnitude, the low amount of the numerical answers were systematically far below selling prices realized of these works, even though I consider that they could be sold 2 to 10 times more expensive.

The artist must evolve his works, but also their valuations.

Artcertificate allows artists to create FREE artist rating certificates.

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The quotation of an artist is the index that measures his fame and allows an estimate the value of his work to be made. The quotation is obtained by auction on the secondary market. An artist's rating can fluctuate depending on the economy, and on the artist's journey. To be credible, the artist's rating must be sustained over several years.

It allows buyers, sellers, merchants, auctioneers, experts near insurance companies, brokers, museum curators and notaries in estates to have a solid starting point for any valuations. She reassures by situating the artist.

ARTcertificate QUOTATION
Art certificate offers on-line analytical software that allows to locate an artist objectively on the art market, based on a precise questionnaire. The quotation gives an index and an average price, allowing to evaluate the price of sale of the works of the artist. A certificate of quotation is published in order to inform about the notoriety of the artist.

Determining the value of a painting or sculpture means communicating an estimated range, averaging a low estimate and a high estimate. Often, the low estimate is auctioned at the reserve price, below which the work will not be sold. This allows you to determine an average value of your property. If the artist is not yet on the second market, his/her rating can be assessed according to the following criteria: the number of exhibitions in which he has participated, the prestige of the places (museums, galleries, foundations) in which he was exhibited his/her work of Art, the number and name of collectors possessing his/her work of Art, the quality of the dissemination of his/her work, the quantity of sales made, the average price of the works sold, etc.

>>> Example of a quotation certificate ARTcertificate.

It is possible to print the QUOTATION CERTIFICATE.
The ADVANTAGES of the Artcertificate.
- Each artist has the right to have a QUOTATION on the financial value of his works.
- This quotation makes it possible to establish a SALES PRICES that is COHERENT with respect to the market.
- The Art certificate is a GUARANTEE for the buyer from the perspective of the evolution of the artist.
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