Antonio García Villarán

Andalusian artist resident in Seville. Doctor of Fine Arts and reference in the painting and iconoclastic drawing of our time. His works are distributed in different institutions as well as in private collections.

The art of not having talent. Hamparte Revolution

A review of the great masters of art from an irreverent and fun point of view, but at the same time fascinating.
Antonio García Villarán



With the fun, irreverent and always controversial style of the videos of his YouTube channel, Antonio García Villarán reviews in this book the different artistic movements and the work of the great masters to question the established canons when assessing the art.

With the concept of Hamparte (created by himself from the words 'underworld' and 'art') as a guiding thread, he raises from a critical point of view the validity of the current criteria to encumbrate
Spanish authors such as Dalí, Miró or Chillida, and international authors such as Yoko Ono, Damien Hirst or Jeff Koons.

Antonio García Villarán is a Sevillian artist, teacher and youtuber who has managed to retain his more than 300,000 followers on YouTube with his videos on art, oriented both to training and to criticism and reflection. His peculiar point of view on established canons and his sense of humor are the keys to his success.

Youtube : Antonio García Villarán

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