As small as you are, feel that you are part of this world and humbly thank you for being in this world ... - Etsuro Sotoo

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Etsuro Sotoo

Etsuro Sotoo

'The most beautiful thing in the world is not a painting by Mir, nor a work by Gaud. It is not found in any museum. The most beautiful thing in this world is a newborn soul. A soul that struggles to live is the most beautiful. It is for me the basis of beauty. '

Etsuro Sotoo is the guest of honor for this magazine.

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I personally thank all the artists who participated in this first edition by bringing their creativity and their vision of contemporary art.

01 Sidelma Castro
02 Romain Thirion
03 Khava Manceau
04 Luc Pradel
05 Philippe Seigle
06 Jean-Louis Grussenmeyer
07 Jean-Jacques Vitiello
08 Etsuro Sotoo
09 Sbastien Roignant
10 Gyslaine Pachet Micheneau
11 DOM(K)
12 Vronique Guillet
13 Galle Kuntz
14 Iounal Alexandrine Baqui

This first edition presents our 'favorite': Sidelma Castro who is a painter, photographer in her spare time, self-taught, born in 1969 in a small village in Brazil on the edge of the Amazon forest in which she loved s' swimming there since his childhood.

This biotope has permeated his creations which exude the perfect symbiosis of spirit and matter. This is why there flows from his paintings pure emotion that surprises at first glance.

Congratulations to all !

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