Humberto Lopez

Mr Humberto Lopez informs you for any problem in relation to the law applied to art. For more information, contact him directly at +33 (0) 761483470.
Humberto Lopez


Mr Humberto Lopez informs you for any problem in family and personal law. It informs you in the context of a divorce, paternity recognition, PACS, cohabitation or marriage.

If you are the author or victim of an offense or a crime, Mr. Humberto Lopez informs you about your rights and the course of the criminal proceedings. It also informs businesses in criminal business law about the offenses they are likely to commit.

Mr Humberto Lopez informs you for all files concerning the Labor Council for questions of dismissals, harassment, faults of the employer, accidents at work, occupational diseases, inexcusable faults, invalidity or social contributions.

Mr Humberto Lopez is competent to inform a business manager or an individual on issues relating to industrial and commercial property law, such as obtaining a trademark, its validity, and its protection. Obtaining invention patents and protecting designs. he also informs in IT law, in particular concerning software law. More generally, it is also responsible for literary and artistic property. It also provides information on unfair competition and parasitism.

In contract law, Mr Humberto Lopez informs you about the conditions of validity of contracts, in terms of improper termination of negotiations, defect in consent, award of damages in the event of contractual fault, hidden defect and application of the termination clause.

For more information, contact Mr. Humberto Lopez directly.

You can also request a telephone appointment at: 0761483470

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At Every Artwork
A Certificate Of Authenticity

The certificate of authenticity

is the essential key to the good sale of your works. You must provide a certificate of authenticity to the buyer (even if he does not claim it) accompanied by the invoice of sale of your work.

Without certificate of authenticity

no door can work; no estimate, no transaction. The certificate of authenticity is mandatory to establish that a work is authentic and has been done by the Artist

No recognition

in a catalog raisonn of the financial value of the work. Without a certificate of authenticity, it is impossible to evaluate the work, its only value depends on its size, technique, materials used and the subject represented.

What is a certificate of authenticity?

A certificate of authenticity is a document necessary for the attribution of a work of painting, sculpture, photography to an artist. Important information: an invoice can not stand as a certificate of authenticity.

The value of a certificate of authenticity?

The value of a certificate of authenticity comes from the notoriety of the person who writes it, when the latter is recognized at the time of writing the certificate by all professionals, as the most competent for this subject or for this artist.

What is a certificate of authenticity for?

For collectors, asking for and obtaining a certificate of authenticity allows you to:

1. Establish the identity and authenticity of the artwork
2. Keep track of the origin of the coin acquired
3. Quickly evaluate its value over time, especially if the artist is or becomes sideways
4. To guarantee its authenticity and value when reselling

For artists, providing a certificate of authenticity allows you to:

5. Ensure the authenticity of your creation
6. Facilitate the future of the work and its identification
7. Offer a valuable service to your buyers
8. Gain credibility with your community
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