It is stupid to say of a visual artist that his works are silent. Painting is silence, and yet ... some works speak, even cry. '
Jean-Michel Bloch

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Claude Stephan

Claude Stephan

Many artists consider themselves craftsmen. I can say that in reality I am mainly a craftsman. In the sense that the reality of scenography has been built up throughout my 40 years in the world of the decoration of live performance and events, started in 1977.

I was able to exercise my hand to make visible to the public what is at the start, an idea, an abstraction mainly around a literary or musical text.

Most of my career has been spent in the service of more than two hundred artistic teams, each led by a director: musicians, visual artists, choreographers, videographers, lighting designers, costume designers.

The greatest artistic emotions came to me when the musical work, the artists, the lyric artists were more clearly visible than in the language of the concert alone.

This permanent creative synthesis, under the guidance of directors and different creators in such diverse disciplines, ended up making me feel the need to spontaneously express shapes, colors, textures, pictorial sounds.

Claude Stephan is the guest of honor for this magazine.

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I personally thank all the artists who participated in this second edition by bringing their creativity and their vision of contemporary art.

Claude Stephan
Scnographie de la trace picturale

Chris Jano
Peintre de l'hypnotique

Iounal Alexandrine Baqui
Lart au service de lhumain

Genevive Duc
Le souffle de la colre

Chantal Lallemand
Voyage sensoriel dans le chatoiement

Jaroslaw Jasinski
Globe-trotteur de la sculpture

Puma Freytag
loigner la mlancolie ambiante

Phil de Giens
Des couleurs comme des souvenirs

Claude bellaton
La noblesse du coeur

Christophe Houllier
Un accouchement de soi-mme

Des couleurs franches et vives

La fe de lart animalier

Paul Jolicoeur
la beaut est au cur de la vie

Le Breton Le parfum de locan

Congratulations to all !

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