How to make your certificates, seals and invoices totally tamper-proof? I'll explain how to do it, it's really a very simple but very effective process.

What is the problem? To make any document inviolable and unfalsifiable rests on the fact that it is uncopiable or if it is copied, that the copy is of very poor quality. And to achieve this goal, it is necessary to use special media and accumulate security points posing serious problems for forgers.

You will tell me: Why protect our certificate because we are only artists and it is not necessarily necessary to be so paranoid?

Precisely, it is essential to protect your documents: this will greatly reassure your buyers, you will be taken seriously because you are concerned about your works. Over time, these documents and media will make the difference by being unquestionable in terms of authenticity in front of any expert.

But it will still make me spend money ... Counting a secure sheet and 2 holograms per work it will cost only 2 euros per certificate ... It's up to you to judge.

What is this magic paper that I selected for you?

It is a highly secure paper with 9 checkpoints, the same process as banknotes, it is a paper totally tamperproof, approved by the French administration and currently used as a reference in all sensitive sectors to ensure the originality of the documents.

This paper can be printed in inkjet, laser etc.

Then you have the famous three-dimensional Hologram that will stick on the different documents to make them even more unopposable, each hologram is numbered by laser and these numbers can be registered on Artcertificate to verify the authenticity of the documents.

You put all this together and you have the most effective solution for the security of certificates, or the equal of the best protections: 10 points of security is much more than that can offer other types of security.

All these secure media are normally difficult to access for an artist or a professional because you have to buy them in large quantities, I decided to make this investment and offer you the retail sale with delivery to your workshop or your gallery. 'Art.

All my wishes of success.

Set of 25 secured A4 sheets
Lot of 50 anti-burglar holograms VOID

This kit allows you to print your certificates of authenticity on a support 100% secure with 9 checkpoints. The holograms are then stuck on the certificate of authenticity and the artwork to be certified.

Have secure media on hand

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Your certificates, invoices and seals will be totally tamper-proof and tamper-proof.

- High degree of security
- Immediate authentication with the naked eye
- 2D / 3D technology, Dot Matrix
- Many security points
- tamper-proof and inviolable

This tamper-proof holographic label provides the most effective seal solution in the fight against counterfeiting, which is a threat to many brands of various activities.

A hologram label of this type can not be scanned or photographed: it can not be reproduced fraudulently, which in principle guarantees its inviolability. The difficulty of reproduction proves the authenticity of the product. The holographic label is thus used as a means of communication and protection of the mark.

In addition, any attempt at tearing will permanently destroy the adhesive hologram (thanks to its breakable adhesive type 'VOID') and thus materialize any attempted break-in, both on the label and on its support.

These holographic labels are designed from a multitude of specific layers constituting their unfalsifiable character. They authenticate the product. Adhesive holograms are essential in the fight against burglary, fraud or counterfeiting.

And for enhanced authentication, each hologram label is laser engraved with a unique serial number that can not be tampered with (also tearable).

Secure A4 X9 Paper

Secure A4 paper has 9 levels of security, making it completely forgery-proof and non-reproducible. Most checkpoints are checked without specific hardware. The documents printed on this security paper are guaranteed to be the originals. Their contents and the sender are thus authenticated thanks to this UV paper.

1. Guillochis
Lines becoming fuzzy with photocopying and disappearing when attempting to erase text, in reactive inks

2. Paper without optical brightener
Specific design of UV paper (inert to UV) easily identifiable as the paper used in the manufacture of checks and banknotes. Makes UV inks perfectly visible.

3. Reagent paper
Reaction of paper visible to the naked eye to all erasure attempts (scraping, scrubbing, chemical)

4. Ghost word
Appears in case of photocopy, scan or photo

5. Invisible printing
Invisible ink revealed under UV light (here in yellow)

6. Thermo-reactive ink
Disappearing at a temperature above 27 (disappears under the pressure of a finger), and then reappearing

7. Microletters
Lines composed of several thousand microscopic letters (visible with the magnifying glass) altered with the copy

8. Manufacturing Code
Unique code embedded in microliters

9. Numbering
Single numbering (only for standard paper)
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