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Are you an Artist? An art gallery? A photographer ? Create your Certificate of Authenticity in just a few clicks!

Artcertificate assists ARTISTS and PROFESSIONALS in their certification process by enabling them to quickly and easily perform all certificates of authenticity essential to their activity.

Artcertificate deploys all the power of new technologies to enable you to manage the creation of certificates of authenticity, including the numbering of prints, backup on a database, securing media and traceability management in a few clicks.

Artcertificate services are governed by French laws in terms of data protection.

Artcertificate publishes CERTIFICATES 100% PAPER, because we believe that this support is more reliable in the long term than the fully digital solutions. The buyer or the professional can at any time export all the information from the database in PDF format.

Who am I ?

Eric Doireau created Artcertificate in 2012, so that artists can print their own certificates of authenticity. This service quickly became a reference for a growing number of artists and professionals in the art world.

Since 2018, our expertise has expanded into purely professional sectors, including limited-edition photography, gallery owners and the ability to manage multiple artists. Traceability, security and the collection of evidence of authenticity are also strengths for Artcertificate.

Artcertificate is available today in 3 languages.

We pay particular attention to the demand of our artists to evolve our services every day for the benefit of all.
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Telephone: +34 63 84 555 72 (Spain)
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