Do you create art objects in series?
Lithographs, sculptures, photographs, jewels?

Artcertificate offers a turnkey service to print certificates and seals for your productions.

1) You want to create your own certificates of authenticity
Artcertificate allows you with the monthly subscription of 55€, to create in unlimited ways your certificates of authenticity. Simply open an account, create your first copy of the numbered certificate, and then duplicate the other certificates in the series. Printed PDFs are automatically generated with Qrcode, sealed to paste, polygons and web page specific to each artwork.

2) You want to subcontract the printing of your certificates of authenticity
Under your control, Artcertificate fully supports the creation and printing of your certificates and sealed to stick on the works. All you need to do is give us the basic information of your productions, the numbers of the series and we will deliver you the printed certificates to be attached to the various works. These services are carried out on estimate according to your needs, contact us at +34 63 84 555 72.

In recent months, new technologies have evolved the certification practices of works of art. The market has evolved and the certificate of authenticity has become an essential element to VALORIZE the works of your Artists. Artcertificate services are governed by French laws in terms of data protection.

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We create, print and deliver
your certificates of authenticity

Following your request, we provide you with a quotation corresponding to the desired services in order to provide you the certificates of authenticity for your works of art in series.

Each piece in the series has a unique identity.

Operations performed by Artcertificate:

1. DEFINITION OF A LAYOUT of certificates specific to the series.
2. CREATING ONLINE CERTIFICATES directly on your private area.
3. NUMBERED DRAWING MANAGEMENT , automatic duplication and incrementing.
4. PRINTING CERTIFICATES on normal or secure paper.
5. PRINTING SEALED to stick on your works to certify.
6. APPLICATION OF HOLOGRAMS on certificates and seals (option).
7. REGISTRATION OF SERIAL NUMBERS Holograms and Secured Sheets (option).
8. ARCHIVE ELEMENTS on our database accessible at any time.
9. CREATING A WEB PAGE BY WORK with its identification and serial numbers.
10. DELIVERY BY CARRIER of all ready-to-use certificates of authenticity.

Artcertificate publishes CERTIFICATES 100% PAPER, because we believe that this support is more reliable in the long term than the fully digital solutions. The buyer or the professional can at any time export all the information from the database in PDF format.

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What is the problem? To make any document inviolable and unfalsifiable rests on the fact that it is uncopiable or if it is copied, that the copy is of very poor quality. And to achieve this goal, it is necessary to use special media and accumulate security points posing serious problems for forgers.

Artcertificate has chosen the most effective technical solution and offers all the guarantees against forgery.

Secure A4 X9 Paper
Secure A4 paper has 9 levels of security, making it completely forgery-proof and non-reproducible. Most checkpoints are checked without specific hardware. The documents printed on this security paper are guaranteed to be the originals. Their contents and the sender are thus authenticated thanks to this UV paper.

Standard and Premium VOID Anti-Tamper Hologram
Your certificates, invoices and seals will thus be totally tamper-proof and tamper-proof.
- High degree of security
- Immediate authentication with the naked eye
- 2D / 3D technology, Dot Matrix
- Many security points
- tamper-proof and inviolable

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Certification Process

  • 1

    Access your member area

    Fill out our registration form or login to access your member area.

  • 2

    Create your certificate online

    Fill out the creation form of the work, download the photo and generate the certificate of authenticity.

  • 3

    Make the layout

    Open your certificate of authenticity online, then choose your layout in a few clicks.

  • 4

    Print your certificate

    Print directly your certificate or download the PDF file for printing at a service provider.

  • 5

    Secure your certificate

    Use secure sheets and holograms to secure your documents: certificate, artwork and invoice.

Mobile app

Photograph your work

Directly with your mobile phone or tablet.

Create your certificate

From your mobile phone or tablet by logging into your member area.

Print your certificates

Print directly from your mobile phone or tablet to a Wifi printer.

Artcertificate | Edit your own certificates of authenticity

Scan the Qrcodes

Flash the Qrcodes of the certificates and go to the record of the work.

Conformity check

Check online the polygons on the certificate and artwork to access all the information of the work.

Artcertificate Support

Contact us for more information about our services and certified works.

Our offers


You want to totally subcontract the production of your certificates of authenticity, this formula will give you complete satisfaction.

To define / certificate

  • Limited series of art works
  • Integration of your LOGO
  • Invoice Editing INCLUDED
  • FREE Certificate Hosting
  • Subscription without obligation.
  • Secured Sheets
  • Security Holograms
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You want to create your own certificates of authenticity, this formula will give you complete satisfaction.

9.50 / month

  • 6 month minimum subscription
  • Integration of your LOGO
  • Invoice Editing INCLUDED
  • FREE Certificate Hosting
  • Subscription by tacit renewal
  • Secured Sheets
  • Security Holograms
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