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Secure payment Paypal

Secure payment Paypal

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We help protect buyers, sellers, businesses and all online payments. Spend and receive money around the world. Protection of purchases and merchants PayPal protects you during your transactions.

To protect you against bank fraud, we use the best encryption methods available on the market. In case of problems, your eligible purchases can be reimbursed by our Purchasing Protection. And if your purchase does not please you, we can also refund your return costs.

If you do not receive your item, or it does not correspond to the description of the seller (other color, broken object ...), PayPal can refund you. This protection is free and valid in France and abroad (subject to conditions).

For more information, please visit our terms of service

How to do ?

To report a dispute, you must log in to your PayPal account. You have 180 days from the date of payment. If the seller does not answer or if you can not find an amicable solution, you can turn the dispute into a claim within 20 days. By opening a claim, you ask us to make a decision for you. We then review your file and verify your eligibility for a refund in accordance with our Terms of Use.


All items that can be shipped and are not prohibited by law may be covered. Here are some examples of cases where we will intervene: you bought a book but received a DVD, you bought a new object but received a second hand object, you bought 3 objects but only received 2, l object was damaged during delivery, missing important parts to the object (not mentioned by the seller), you bought an authentic object but received a counterfeit. If the seller was precise in its description but the object does not suit you, the Protection of Purchases does not apply.

Program exclusions

The Protection of Purchases does not cover real estate, vehicles, and objects not authorized by our regulations (generally prohibited by law also). Payments of items delivered by hand and the sending of money between relatives are also not covered.

We protect your account

You are not responsible for unauthorized purchases made from your account if you report an eligible incident within 60 days. This means that in the event of unauthorized use of your account, we can refund you.

Refunds in case of problems

In case of unauthorized transaction with your PayPal account, you are not responsible for the purchase if you open a dispute within 60 days. In case of problem with a seller, you can also ask us to intervene. If your purchase meets the conditions of our Protection, we will refund you.

A responsive helpdesk

In case of unauthorized transaction, claim or any other difficulty you encounter, we help you find a solution.

Contact our Customer Service.