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The COA Register of Artcertificate

The COA Register of Artcertificate

The 1st centralized register for certificates of authenticity

Artcertificate systematically registers all of its certificates on a centralized database in order to act as a trusted third party to art buyers.

Artists or professionals can also register their own certificates of authenticity on this database; in this case, a reference Qrcode will be issued to paste on the various certification elements.

The COA Register of Artcertificate designates the information processing system which ensures the recording, storage and communication of information relating to the identification of natural persons who have deposited certificates of authenticity on the platform.

It is therefore a central database in which are recorded:
⦁ all COA certificates of authenticity;
⦁ all depositors who register on the platform;
⦁ all supporting documents used for a COA;
⦁ all Qrcodes, polygons and serial numbers.

The COA Register of Artcertificate ensures the sharing of authentic identification data of natural persons and certificates of authenticity with the various buyers having limited access to this data following an identification by polygons or proof of ownership of the registered work.
As a depositor, you can consult your information in the COA Register from your private area.

If you notice a possible error , you can report it via contact@artcertificate.eu

If you want more information or if you want to make a request, please contact contact@artcertificate.eu

The COA Register of Artcertificate continues to improve and modernize its operation by integrating new technologies, to make its applications more user-friendly for its users and to diversify the services offered to them while ensuring the level highest security.

The COA Register of Artcertificate now lists over 50,000 certificates of authenticity from contemporary artists around the world.

What is: Artcertificate Database?
It is a fully managed relational database that provides a centralized, immutable and verifiable transaction log.

Artcertificate systematically records all its certificates of authenticity (Standard, Premium and Qrcode), ordered by date of creation, applicants and artists.

Centralized management:
The central trusted authority Artcertificate owns and manages the database and is shared with any number of parties that work together. Fully managed service that enables the creation, management and storage of COA recordings for artists and art professionals.

The register is centralized and fully managed by Artcertificate as a trusted third party. The recording of COAs is automatic.

The certificate of authenticity

When selling one of your works, in order to be more professional and offer all the guarantees to your buyer, the artist must provide a certificate of authenticity.

A certificate of authenticity is a document necessary for the attribution of a work. Your customers will be very sensitive to this particular attention that values you as an artist and guarantees the authenticity of your works. Without a certificate of authenticity, it is impossible to evaluate the work according to its provenance or to relate it to an artist. Its only value depends on its size, technique, materials used and the subject represented.

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The certificate of authenticity is the essential key to the good sale of your works. You must provide a certificate of authenticity to the buyer (even if he does not claim it) accompanied by the invoice of sale of your work.

Without certificate of authenticity no door can work; no estimate, no transaction. The certificate of authenticity is mandatory to establish that a work is authentic and has been done by the Artist

No recognition in a catalog raisonné of the financial value of the work. Without a certificate of authenticity, it is impossible to evaluate the work, its only value depends on its size, technique, materials used and the subject represented.

What is a certificate of authenticity?

A certificate of authenticity is a document necessary for the attribution of a work of painting, sculpture, photography to an artist. Important information: an invoice can not stand as a certificate of authenticity.

The value of a certificate of authenticity?

The value of a certificate of authenticity comes from the notoriety of the person who writes it, when the latter is recognized at the time of writing the certificate by all professionals, as the most competent for this subject or for this artist.

What is a certificate of authenticity for?

For collectors, asking for and obtaining a certificate of authenticity allows you to:

1. Establish the identity and authenticity of the artwork
2. Keep track of the origin of the coin acquired
3. Quickly evaluate its value over time, especially if the artist is or becomes sideways
4. To guarantee its authenticity and value when reselling

For artists, providing a certificate of authenticity allows you to:

5. Ensure the authenticity of your creation
6. Facilitate the future of the work and its identification
7. Offer a valuable service to your buyers
8. Gain credibility with your community

The Artcertificate Blockchain

Certificat Blockchain

Artcertificate offers artists and professionals to create and register certificates of authenticity which will then be integrated into the Blockchain on the Ethereum network. A specific option allows you to transfer any certificate on the Blockchain with a simple 'click'.

What is: Artcertificate Blockchain?

It is a fully managed blockchain registration service that facilitates the creation and management of a scalable blockchain network and distributed ledger technologies applied to COA Certificates of Authenticity. All COAs can be registered on the blockchain with a single click and obtain a certificate of authenticity on the Artcertificate Blockchain (COABC).

Decentralized management:
A blockchain allows Artcertificate to perform COA Certificate of Authenticity registrations where different members of the network can perform register authenticity checks without having to resort to a reliable central authority (Control outside Artcertificate). Each party, known as a member, has a peer node in the network.

Artcertificate Blockchain supports a reputable blockchain framework.

Ethereum is ideally suited for highly distributed blockchain networks, where data transparency of all members is an important factor and allows all network participants to independently verify a user's activity among all members. Ethereum also makes it possible to join a public Ethereum blockchain network.

The ledger is decentralized and is managed by an Ethereum blockchain distributed among members. The control of registrations is independent of Artcertificate. The registration of COAs is carried out at the specific request of the applicant.

Certificat Blockchain



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